Clean Wind Energy, Inc. (Clean Wind Energy) a wholly owned subsidiary of Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc., (OTCBB:CWET) was established to commercialize a number of proven and validated technologies and construction systems into a single large Clean Wind Downdraft Tower structure that produces abundant inexpensive electricity. Our Company’s core objective and focus is to become a leading provider of clean efficient green energy to the world communities at a reasonable cost without the destructive residuals of fossil fuel, while continuing to generate innovative technological solutions for today and tomorrow’s electrical power needs.

Hybrid Clean/Wind Technology

The Company is in the process of changing the corporate name to Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc., from Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc. in an effort to eliminate the confusion of our technology and that of traditional wind turbines. We view ourselves as a hybrid solar/wind technology, to be reflected in the name, Solar Wind Energy. The simplicity of our solution is the harnessing of the natural power of a downdraft created when water is introduced to hot dry air within the confines of our tower structure.

About Clean Wind Energy, Inc.

Clean Wind Energy, Inc. has, designed, engineered, developed and is preparing to construct large "Clean Wind Downdraft Towers" that use benevolent, non-toxic natural elements to generate electricity economically by integrating and synthesizing numerous proven as well as emerging technologies.

In addition to constructing Clean Wind Downdraft Towers in the United States and abroad, the Company intends to establish partnerships at home and abroad to propagate these systems and meet increasing global demand for electricity. Clean Wind Energy has assembled a team of experienced business professionals, engineering and scientific consultants with the proven ability to bring the idea to market. Clean Wind Energy has filed and been issued patents that the Company believes will further enhance this potentially revolutionary technology. Clean Wind Energy, Inc. (Clean Wind Energy) a wholly owned subsidiary of Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc., is based in Annapolis MD, and is traded on the OTCBB under the symbol 'CWET'.

Innovative Renewable Energy Technology

The Clean Wind Downdraft Tower is a hollow cylinder reaching skyward into the hot dry atmosphere heated by the solar rays of the sun. The water introduced by the injection system evaporates and is absorbed by the hot dry air which has been heated by the solar rays of the sun. The air becomes cooler, denser and heavier than the outside warmer air and falls through the cylinder at speeds up to and in excess of 50 mph and is diverted into wind tunnels surrounding the base of the Tower where turbines inside the tunnels power generators to produce electricity.

In geographic areas where atmospheric conditions are conducive, the exterior of the Clean Wind Downdraft Tower may be constructed with vertical "wind vanes" that capture the prevailing wind and channel it to produce supplemental electrical power. This dual renewable energy resource enhances the capability and productivity of the Clean Wind Energy system.

Intellectual Property

The Company has filed several patent applications with the U.S. Patent Office to protect its technology including:

  • Improved Wind Energy Power Transmission System - To more effectively transmit energy via a new multi-stage variable hydraulic drive system that operates efficiently through a very broad range of wind and turbine speeds. Patent Issued

  • Energy Tower Having External Wind Capturing Capacity - To supplement the available energy of an energy tower by capturing existing winds aloft (800 to 4,000 ft). Patent Applied For


Various parties in the United States and other nations are pursuing clean energy solutions that use efficient and cost-effective renewable resources to serve society while avoiding the adverse effects associated with fossil and nuclear fuels and the obvious limitations of solar collectors that work only when the sun shines or wind turbines that work only when the wind blows. The Clean Wind Downdraft Tower has the capability of being operated with virtually no carbon footprint, fuel consumption, or waste production. The technology has the potential to generate clean, cost effective and efficient electrical power without the damaging effects caused by using fossil or nuclear fuels, and other conventional power sources. The Company also believes that increasing emphasis on green technologies and governmental incentives in the energy industry should have a positive long-term effect on the Company's planned business and the wind energy industry in general.

Abundant, Clean, Affordable Energy Production

The Company has successfully managed to downsize and economize the Tower, reducing capital costs and improving projected financial performance. The Company recently announced the completion of weather data models that confirm that the first tower height can be lowered from 3,000 feet down to 2,250 feet. This development was made possible by utilizing our recently announced software which can calculate and predict energy production by our Clean Wind Downdraft Towers given local weather data. By feeding the weather data for southwestern Arizona / northern Mexico into the program, the Tower's height and diameter can be adjusted along with the amount of water added as fuel to create a desired amount of energy. The outcome dictates the optimum size of the Towers height and width.

Under the most recent design specifications the first San Luis Tower has a projected output capacity, on an hourly basis, of up to 1000 megawatt hours, gross. Using a 60% capacity factor the Tower's potential hourly yield would be 600 megawatt hours from which, approximately 17% will be used to power its operations, yielding approximately 500 megawatt hours available for sale to the power grid. Currently, in California avoided costs are running approximately $0.11 per kilowatt hour. As an independent power producer of clean renewable energy, the Company will not be selling power directly to consumers but rather to the grid.

Economic Benefits

Jobs Created - Since the Clean Wind Downdraft Tower will be constructed using conventional materials, equipment and techniques, associated industries surrounding each Tower site will benefit significantly from the creation of professional manufacturing, construction and transportation jobs. The Clean Wind Energy Downdraft Tower will provide clean renewable energy at a cost more favorable than nuclear plants with no negative impacts to our planet.

Business Model

The Business Model is to create an Energy Compound of Towers to be developed individually with a common water supply and rail/water port for supplies and equipment delivery, and common component assembly plant and labor force. Energy Compounds could actually be developed simultaneously in North America, N. Africa (to serve the European grid by piping direct current across the Med), India and the Mid-East. The world market can support all the materials needed and can certainly use the electricity. The cost per kilowatt is similar to that of a typical coal or gas-fired facility. CWET has positioned itself to take advantage of this solution and bring the first project to market, thereby setting the stage for a global "game changing" opportunity.

Global Energy Generation Calculator

The Company has developed a software based analytical program to determine the energy generation capabilities of its Clean Wind Downdraft Towers based on the climate in geographic locations around the world, and has taken the appropriate steps to protect its intellectual property invention. This essential tool has been under development by the Company for over one year and applies "known" scientific meteorology data of a specific area to the Clean Wind Downdraft Tower's variables in order to determine and project energy outputs on a daily basis. Advancements in the scientific community over the last decade that predict and pin-point specific weather conditions provided significant insights to the development of this innovative tool.

This analytical tool, combined with our proprietary operating systems technology and existing core patents, clearly provides the Company with a unique opportunity to allow global positioning of this alternative solution to the world's energy needs. Clean Wind Energy can now rapidly respond to a request from virtually any country reasonably suitable to host a project and determine specifically where the Clean Wind Downdraft Tower should be located, the size of the Tower and the amount of electricity it can produce.

Carbon Credit Assets

The Company has engaged a consultant to analyze, assess and prepare an application for the Company to market the potential Carbon Credits which will result from a planned project in Mexico and Investment Tax Credits that should result from a project in Arizona. During the past year, the Company has significantly refined and downsized the proposed initial Tower design and secured zoning for a Tower project in San Luis, Arizona, which the Company determined was not eligible for international Carbon Credits but was eligible for Investment Tax Credits. For this reason, the Company has chosen to engage one firm to pursue both financial opportunities. The Company is in the process of valuing the Carbon Credits based on the current location guidelines for the project in Mexico. Investment Tax Credits for the Arizona project are conservatively projected, based on IRS guidelines, to be in excess of $250M.

Project Partnering

The Company's business plan involves "partnering" with various entities such as utilities, sovereign nations and independent power sources, to provide the ability to bring this solution to the market as rapidly as possible. Each Clean Wind Downdraft Tower is its own independent project. Clean Wind Energy's involvement in each project is to facilitate the Tower's development with its expertise and intellectual property. Clean Wind Energy will receive development fees, licensing fees, and royalties on power sales from each project and/or ownership interests.

Coordinated World Class Expertise

CWET has located a site for its first Tower here in the USA and received key patents to protect its techniques to extract the energy from the Clean Wind Downdraft Tower. Some of the best consultants in the world have been and continue to support CWET's efforts to bring this first Downdraft Tower to market for example:


The Company has entered into a Teaming Agreement with the Whiting - Turner Contracting Company, a large major national contractor and construction management organization to assist us in project planning, advanced value engineering and budget and project scheduling.

Commonwealth Dynamics

The Company has entered into a Teaming Agreement with Commonwealth Dynamics, Inc. a major international contractor specializing in the design and construction of tall reinforced concrete structures to assist us in the final design and construction techniques for the Downdraft Tower.

Kroll Cranes S/A of Denmark

Has worked closely for over two years to create a tower crane system and equipment elevator lift system that would guarantee the construction of the Tower in a timely/predictable manner.

GE Energy

Has been working on a power plant system using existing generators that can work in conjunction with CWET's patent to power the generators with hydraulic pressure to stabilize the output during varying wind speed conditions. The Company is now pursuing a turbine design and control system which will utilize CWET's patent to place a "series of drafting turbines" in the tunnels which will spin hydraulic pumps to pressurize the system to power the generators.

Lead Consultants from Renowned Meteorological and Wind Schools

Have been and will continue to provide the computerized technical data which has measured the predictable wind speeds and pressure created by the Tower.

The law Firm - Holland & Knight

Has guided the company and advised on energy policy as well as political policy since inception.


Although not engaged for any specific task as yet, is under an NDA and is familiar with the hydraulic system design and has indicated that they want to be a part of the team at the appropriate time.

First Clean Wind Downdraft Tower

The first site is in San Luis, AZ on the Mexico/US border. CWET has a temporary permit from the US Department of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation to conclude the necessary zoning and is preparing to conduct the site evaluations and proceed with the NEPA process. The Planning Commission recommended the project and the zoning, and on May 23, 2012 the City Council unanimously approved final zoning for one of the Towers first and on June 23rd, 2012, the zoning for the first Tower became final. The weather data has been updated for the first sites and final reports accurately calculate the Tower's output capacity 24/7. Those reports now support and validate CWET’s goal to develop its first Tower at the minimum size and design output possible, which preserves cash flow of 2:1 for debt service coverage. In November the San Luis City Council voted unanimously in favor of a zoning text amendment paving the way for a second Tower and assembly plant on site. CWET is pursuing final zoning approval for the second Tower.

Concurrently, we have been exploring other site opportunities and in October, the Company signed a Letter of Intent ("LOI") to enter into a Definitive Agreement to purchase a 3,200 acre site in Mexico that has the ideal attributes required for the Company’s Downdraft Tower. The Company intends to build and operate two Clean Wind Energy Downdraft Towers on this site. The proposed property is located in a particularly exceptional area for the development of these projects as it possesses suitable access, along with the required topography. The land purchase is subject to the seller providing clear title and unrestricted access to the property as well as acquiring all of the needed prerequisites and approvals for the implementation of the Downdraft Towers including access to the power grid and the Company securing a satisfactory Power Purchase Agreement. The Company is investigating and evaluating alternative sites in Mexico in the vicinity of this location with similar attributes.

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